A blast

Rocks falling in pieces slowly,

And suddenly a blast on mountain,

Rocks started falling like water.

It hit me, it hit me like Something has got stuck in heart,

In that fearful dream.

Blood wanted to come out in shape of tears.

But something stopped it,

A will tossed, will to do something great, a will to save myself.

Voice heard, Fight and let yourself up,

Rock was falling very fast,

breaking the strength with itself.

One more voice heard, you are strong, never forget,

Just Fight and win.

Strength got double, fear flowed away

Every time I rise, it hit me again

But now it didn’t break my strength,

I kept trying in the pain,

Suddenly an angel came praising my strength.

flying me with itself, in a world so beautiful.

Destroying every wounds and pain.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jaidip Patra says:

    So fascinating… nice creative poem…. Just make a correction. it would be fast instead of fastly.. Well-done


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