Day’s of darkness fade one day

Sometimes very few things that we do in friendship are getting bigger and bigger due to misunderstanding.

Many times we think of someone as a friend, we talk to him/her a lot, share our feelings and then after few days we realize that the other person did not understand you everytime you said something to them and then began to take revenge.

Yes, a lot happens, although we do not do it on purpose, we do not even know it but we are misunderstood, they think that we are doing this to appear before them but the truth is that we never want something bad to happen to our friends.

But the days of darkness fade one day, the situation itself teaches us everything and the day will come when we all realize our mistakes and then begin a day of happiness which give us peace.


Hope u like it!

Thanks for reading guys!

See u in my next post😊

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  1. Yeah! That happens alot, I really hate these kind of people, they are dual faced and you know,, I call them toxic, cause they are really good in spreading rumours

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    1. fatma zohra says:

      Yeah, well said but no one is bad I think, they do it for a reason, they must be thinking that the guy in front of them do not want there happiness, that’s y they also do the same.


      1. Yeah maybe you are right,

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    No one is bad.. it happens because of sometimes person’s are so unconcious.. Being conscious no one can be bad to anyone..

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    1. fatma zohra says:

      Exactly, if people will know the reality, if they will be conscious then there will be understanding and nothing bad will happen.



        Yes dear.. 🙂

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  3. Look you can not expect everything from a person… Misunderstanding happens these days and the reason lies mostly on our errors… But yes there is no point to expect everything from everyone…. Everyday is a day to learn new things and improve oneself… So well said at the end….

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    1. fatma zohra says:

      Yes, I completely agree.

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  4. Arooba says:

    good one

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      1. Arooba says:


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