That small kid 

One of this day when me and some of my friends went to bring kids from the slum area for the classes which we take in our college campus after college hours. All of them were arranging their stuff for classes, full of enthusiasm, talking, running here and there. Between them there was a small kid of around 4-5 years of age, with Sparks in her eyes, innocence on her face, holding a small children in her hand. unlike other kids full of fun, seriousness covered this kid like an adult. 

Noticing for sometimes, when I asked her why she do not come to class, she said she wants to come but her mother and father both are working and she has to take care of her sister who was almost 1 years old. 

Seriously taking care of a small kid at a age in which other childrens are not able to take care of themselves. 

She really had a passion in her eyes to study, to do something. She said that she wants to come with rest of them to study but she will have to come with her small sister holding in her hand.

Looking at her innocence and enthusiasm one of a guy from us allowed her to come up and he said he will talk to her parents.

She joined the line like rest of the students with a little happiness on her face. This girl was continuously concentrating on her studies as well as taking care of her sister who was crying in between, any body can know by looking at her face, how much she and a lots of children like her struggle to gain knowledge and for meaningful life being a kid.

 Thinking about this unprivileged kids who are struggling for a better future we come to know how easy things are for us and we waste time complaining and complaining throughout our lives instead of thanking God for such an easy and comfortable life.

It is really strange how situation, time and place teaches us everything no matter how old we are. Like it was a critical situation which made her act like an adult at such a small age, fetching away her childish fun, teaching about seriousness for work and also sacrifices.

That small kid and more kids like her are love, who will make future bright one day, teaching us about life.


Thanks for reading guys!

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  1. floatinggold says:

    Nice story. Thanks for sharing. That girl has great potential. She cares about her family, but she also has a passion for making herself better. If given the opportunity, she would beat all odds.

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    1. fatma zohra says:

      I m glad you liked it!

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  2. What a mind blowing experience have your written down!! It’s rare and a very few people could notice even they knew the had noticed it and that’s amazing 🤔🤔🤔🤔

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