No one is bad in this world. It’s just happiness for one that became sadness for others.

Sometimes I think about it and never able to understand why is there so much hate in this world. Imagine a world free of hate and full of love, its feels really great to think of such world. Such world really exists in them who are full of love and tries to understand others problem.

There is no one in this world who is free of problems, and when one try to solve their problem, it creates a problem for us and we start hating them and start thinking that they are our enemy and so they are creating problems for us intentionally.

We always criticize other that they are fetching away our happiness but when you will think about it that what you would have done when you were in their place then you will come to know that really no one is bad, bad is just some situations that disappears but hate remains forever.

We just try to collect some happiness for us that become problem for others. So I want to say stop hating others, stop wasting your time in criticizing others, there is a world full of love. So remove goggles of hate and wear goggle of love.

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  1. Very well said.. no one is bad in this world.. all are our judgements.. sometimes good for us same time bad for others but it depends on us how the person is fulfilling our expectations..

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      1. Appreciate your understanding about life.. Kya baat hai.. 😊


  2. fatma zohra says:

    Ahh thank u again😀😝😀, by d way you have a deep knowledge about these things.😊

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